The Internet is Wonderful and Terrifying

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that research seems to be the most important thing in arming yourself ready for Conventioning. What I’m discovering is that the Internet is both a great resource for information and first-person accounts, and a terrifying place that can show you with only a few clicks just how wrong it can all go. 

Fandom is one of the most forgiving places in the world, but that forgiveness comes only after a LOT of bitching and maybe the odd lynch mob. It really is like a family: falling out is forgotten eventually, but the initial fallout can be vicious. Naturally this is something we’d like to avoid, and so I’ve been spending the last few hours reading through all the horror stories in an attempt to figure out what not to do. So far what I’ve taken from it is something I’ve always been told by my own loved ones, yet something I don’t always follow – measure twice, cut once.

Essentially it’s a matter of not letting the excitement take charge. Yes, it’s easy to imagine how amazing it will be of it all goes right. What’s harder is having contingencies in place for when it all goes wrong. The good will of fellow fans will only get us so far. 

Here’s hoping we can be one of the stories that tell of a roaring success… Or at least not a total failure.



Fact Finding Missions and Bad Handwriting.

Knowledge is the key to any successful venture, no matter how cockamamie it may seem at first. Luckily, we’re smart enough to know that. As such, in between badgering my few sources of information, I’ve designed a short survey to get fan information – by which I mean who likes what and who would come to a convention if we put one on, not like blood types and credit card details. 

The poorly titled DoubleRainbow Fandom Survey can be found by following the link: LINK
That’s all for now. I’m going to go scribble some more half-baked ideas down.