A Grand Announcement

Hi folks!

You may have noted our absence over the last few weeks. This was due to work, life, and also a little bit of exciting recon regarding our potential event. On the back of this, we feel we’re ready to officially tell you exactly what we’re planning to do. If you follow us on Twitter there’s a chance you already know what we’re about to say (what can I say; subtlety isn’t my strong suit ~J) but if not, here’s a clue:

That’s right, boys and girls; we’re planning a Musketeers convention! We will shortly be setting up a crowdfunder to help us get it all together, and because of that we’ve decided to donate our profits (fingers crossed we end up with some) to UNICEF. In the mean time our biggest concern is getting the word out. That’s where you lovely guys and gals come in: share, tweet, post, go round to your friends’ houses and scream the news at their cat. We want all the Musketeers fans to know what we’ve got planned. A whole weekend dedicated to the awesomeness that is BBC’s The Musketeers, with parties and (hopefully) special guests, where you can share your love of the show with likeminded folks. And who knows; if we can make this a success we may even be able to do more of them! If the idea excites you, don’t stay quiet about it. Join us in making it a reality.
Say it with me now: All For One… 


6 thoughts on “A Grand Announcement

  1. Sounds great, but where will it be held? And roughly when? There are so many of us who work full time and live hundreds of miles from the big cities. We miss out every time on anything to do with Musketeers. It’s a great idea but pretty much for the unattached with no commitments. Would love to come if I am able


    1. It will be in Bristol – please follow us on Twitter @DoubleEvent for all the details. We will be updating the blog as and when we have new information, but Twitteris updated everyday.


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