End of the Road

Due to a lack of guests, and the fact that The Musketeers has now been cancelled, we will not be moving forward with the fan convention as planned. 




Funding Is Live! 

*excited noises* Our crowdfunder is up and running! If you’re so excited you just want to go there right now and pledge straight away, here’s the link: http://igg.me/at/Oneforall/x/11739785

If you want a little more info first, stick around so I can go over a few things. First of all, I know there’s been a little confusion over the when and where of this event, so to reiterate: the event is planned for 4-6th March 2016 in Bristol UK.

As we’ve said before, we need your help to get this up and running. The crowdfunder has different levels of funding. The lowest is £5, so even if you can’t afford to attend the event but still want to contribute, there is a way for you to do that. If you do have every intention of attending the event, please look at the crowdfunder as a way to pre-book your tickets. It not only gives us the funds we need to get things sorted, it also gives us an idea of how many attendees we can expect. Below is a list of the tickets as they will be priced when our website is up and running. If you would prefer to wait and book your tickets later then you are totally welcome to do that. 

N.B. We may be asking for volunteers to help us crew the event at a later date. Please be aware that volunteers still need tickets to get into the event.


BASIC – £50

This ticket will get you access to the stage talks and parties, but comes with no added extras. This ticket is ideal for children (Under 5s come free) if they are coming with you, or if you want to volunteer and/or are not worried about autographs.


This ticket gives you everything the Basic does, plus autographs from all the guests. This can be either on personal items such as DVDs or on photographs available at the event.

GOLD – £150

This ticket gives you everything in the Standard package, plus access to one Coffee Lounge (a small group chat with a guest) and a group photo-op.


This ticket comes with everything in the Gold package, plus access to a Meet & Greet with the guests, priority seating in the hall and queue jumping for autographs and photo-ops.

Volunteers will also be given queue jumping,and there will be a commemorative group photo at the end of the event.

Autographs, photo-ops, coffee lounges and Meet & Greet tickets will also be available to purchase separately,but they may be limited.
I hope this has explained everything. If not either leave a comment or tweet us and we will try to help in any way we can.

A Grand Announcement

Hi folks!

You may have noted our absence over the last few weeks. This was due to work, life, and also a little bit of exciting recon regarding our potential event. On the back of this, we feel we’re ready to officially tell you exactly what we’re planning to do. If you follow us on Twitter there’s a chance you already know what we’re about to say (what can I say; subtlety isn’t my strong suit ~J) but if not, here’s a clue:

That’s right, boys and girls; we’re planning a Musketeers convention! We will shortly be setting up a crowdfunder to help us get it all together, and because of that we’ve decided to donate our profits (fingers crossed we end up with some) to UNICEF. In the mean time our biggest concern is getting the word out. That’s where you lovely guys and gals come in: share, tweet, post, go round to your friends’ houses and scream the news at their cat. We want all the Musketeers fans to know what we’ve got planned. A whole weekend dedicated to the awesomeness that is BBC’s The Musketeers, with parties and (hopefully) special guests, where you can share your love of the show with likeminded folks. And who knows; if we can make this a success we may even be able to do more of them! If the idea excites you, don’t stay quiet about it. Join us in making it a reality.
Say it with me now: All For One… 


You may have noticed there hasn’t been an update in a while. This is mainly because there hasn’t been anything to talk about. The last few weeks have been filled mostly with theorising and sending emails. The temptation to start announcing everything we are thinking to an unsuspecting (and possibly uninterested) public has been very high, but we have remained silent for two main reasons.

1) It’s never a good idea to make pledges you may not be able to follow through with,


2) Our ideas are changing regularly, so we would spend half our time telling people to ignore what we said last week because this idea is much better.

Having said that, this post is mostly just to say we’re still alive and still working away behind the scenes.

If all goes well we should have actual real official announcements come August. Until then, here’s a nice picture:


The Internet is Wonderful and Terrifying

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that research seems to be the most important thing in arming yourself ready for Conventioning. What I’m discovering is that the Internet is both a great resource for information and first-person accounts, and a terrifying place that can show you with only a few clicks just how wrong it can all go. 

Fandom is one of the most forgiving places in the world, but that forgiveness comes only after a LOT of bitching and maybe the odd lynch mob. It really is like a family: falling out is forgotten eventually, but the initial fallout can be vicious. Naturally this is something we’d like to avoid, and so I’ve been spending the last few hours reading through all the horror stories in an attempt to figure out what not to do. So far what I’ve taken from it is something I’ve always been told by my own loved ones, yet something I don’t always follow – measure twice, cut once.

Essentially it’s a matter of not letting the excitement take charge. Yes, it’s easy to imagine how amazing it will be of it all goes right. What’s harder is having contingencies in place for when it all goes wrong. The good will of fellow fans will only get us so far. 

Here’s hoping we can be one of the stories that tell of a roaring success… Or at least not a total failure.


Fact Finding Missions and Bad Handwriting.

Knowledge is the key to any successful venture, no matter how cockamamie it may seem at first. Luckily, we’re smart enough to know that. As such, in between badgering my few sources of information, I’ve designed a short survey to get fan information – by which I mean who likes what and who would come to a convention if we put one on, not like blood types and credit card details. 

The poorly titled DoubleRainbow Fandom Survey can be found by following the link: LINK
That’s all for now. I’m going to go scribble some more half-baked ideas down. 


More Plotting. More, I Say!


It occured to me, while I was considering buying a notebook I didn’t really need to start making plans in, that blogging is the tech-age version of doing just that. Whenever we start new projects, we get new notebooks and pens, we arrange things and get distracted by YouTube videos in the name of ‘inspiration’ and it’s all because doing that is more fun -and easier- than thinking about just how hard the project itself will likely be. It’s at this point we need people backing us up; so we don’t feel so alone and daunted.

Lucky for us, we found some.

This post is mostly just to say a huge Thanks to a few people who have been helpful thus far. First, and foremost, is Rach who co-runs One More Shot UK. This is a music convention that donates its proceeds to a cancer charity. This is the kind of convention we are looking to get into, and Rach was very gracious to put up with my questioning. It’s amazing how much better you can feel when someone answers even the most basic of problems you yourself are clueless about. Diolch yn fawr!

Secondly is the lovely Kati, who has agreed to join the team and help out with my scheming. I’m not sure if it’s because she loves me or because she’s as crazy as I am. It’s probably a little of both.

Sorry for the short update this time. It’s worth noting that I wrote this post whilst being distracted by YouTube, so that at least deserves some brownie points.*

More updates will undoubtedly follow. Until then… bye!

~ J


* If anyone is curious, I was watching The Musketeers Fanvids. I regret nothing.