A Re-Introduction Of Sorts

Hello hello!

Just over a year ago, we decided to start running conventions. We figured a Pagan con would be easiest to start off with. We set up a website. We set up a fundraiser. We planned, and plotted, and likened our scheming to a scene from How I Met Your Mother.

We then proceeded to make no progress, and the whole thing was quietly forgotten in favour of making our way through the world, earning a living, and all that grown up stuff.

For those of you who remember that – which I think is only going to be those who follow us on Twitter – and for those who are just hearing about us for the first time, allow me to once again present you with our cunning plan!

When I say ‘we’ I’m referring to myself – Juliette, and my partner in crime – Kione. This is us:

We're the ones who weren't on Leverage.
We’re the ones who weren’t on Leverage.

As previously mentioned, we decided to set up a convention company. It made sense at the time – we love fandom, we love conventions, and we’re both inexplicably drawn to things that are going to cause us massive amounts of stress. At the time we were optimistic, but perhaps not well equipped for the task. We set up a website; even got a domain, and set about plotting. We may not have got it right that time, but we did learn some valuable lessons, like:
* Not everyone who says they’re going to help you will actually help you – it may not be their fault; people have lives and commitments outside of your weird escapades. Make sure you have backups for your backups so things aren’t scuppered at the first little crisis.
* People who are doing what you want to do will not necessarily offer help – some will, and it will be invaluable, but some will -however politely- tell you to sod off.
* Have a solid plan before you ask people for money – this one is pretty self explanatory.

I’d like to take a minute to mention one thing that has been very helpful, and which prompted me to dust off the crazy hat and give this another go. This. It’s a how-to written by a co-founder of No Brand Con. It’s a little more ‘comic con’ than the weekend conventions we’re looking to do, but it has some really good tips and is the most helpful thing we’ve found so far.

WOW this post has rambled on a bit! I’m sure there’s some stuff I’m leaving out, and I’m sure there’ll be another post along soon. We’re going to try and keep this blog as a journal of our efforts, and who knows: maybe it’ll help some other nutjobs who want to do this.

Until next time.
~ J